Flow Meter NITTO BR 13-3

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Flow Meter NITTO

A high performance oil meter which realizes smallness in
size, lightness in weight and easiness in operation is used
for the measurement of fuel oil (for small boiler, burner,
central heating) in heat piping industry.
General Specifications
Measured liquid: Kerosene, Light oil, A/B/C Heavy oil
(Two types of oils can be measured
by one meter.)
Size: 15A, 20A, 25A
Liquid temp.: Normal temp.~80℃
Liquid pressure: 1.0MPa or less
Accuracy: Within ±0.5%
Material: FC200
Pulse generator: Reed switch (Option):1L/P


Flow Meter NITTO
Size : 1/2 Inch
Model : BR 13-3
Liquid to be Measured: kerosene,Light Oil
and Heavy Oil ( Two type of oils can be –
measured by one meter )
Liquid temp : Normal temp.~80ºC
working Press.—less than 0.7 Mpa
Acurasy : Within ± 0.5%
Material: FC 200
Pulse Generator : Reed Switch ( Optional )
: 1 L/p
Flow Range : Kerosene = 30~200 L/H


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