Flow Meter LC with Mechanical Counter and Printer

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Oil Flow Meter  LC M10
Size :: 2 inch
Accuracy: ± 0.2%
Repeatability: ≤ 0.05 %
Standar Measurement: Unit Liter / US Gallon / imperial Gallon
Max Working Temperature: – 40 to 160ºF (-40 to 71ºC)
Meter Body: Aluminium , Cast iron , Steel , Stainless steel available
Connections: ANSI Flanged , NPT , BSPT , Slip Woled Available
Capacity: 550 L/Min ( 150 GPM )
Max.Pressure: 10.5Bar/150 PSI
Type: Direct Reading


Flow Meter LC with mechanical counter and printer

Mechanical registration
Mechanical registers have traditionally been used in a variety of mobile and fixed-site applications. Mechanical registers are ideal for
applications without electrical power and can be installed on virtually all LC meters.

Mechanical counter with ticket printer—Large-numeral counter provides 5-digit resettable
and 8-digit non-resettable totalizers. Printer generates an imprinted record of the
transaction which is legal for use in resale applications.



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